Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Hedeby Viking museum at Schleswig and the Gothic city Lübeck in Germany

We had arrived in Schleswig-Holstein the most Northern of  sixteen German states.
The town of Schleswig was our destination for the next two day’s. The Hedeby Viking Museum is to be found here with it’s numerous artefacts.
 Hedeby was once the oldest city in Denmark until it was ceded in1864.

From Schleswig you can walk, take a bus or ferry across the Schlei Förde seen above, to the museum and what a treat it is, well worth visiting.
Hedeby Viking Museum

File:Denmark vikings 3.jpg

Map shows the former Viking settlement of Hedeby.
A footnote:- Outside the museum the ODINS Historisches Gasthaus Haddeby restaurant serves excellent food of which we happily partook, followed by a walk back to Schleswig, around the Schlei Förde. And a waterside bench to enjoy the warm sun, oh! and ice cream, great town
 and excellent day out!

From here we are heading to the Hanseatic city of Lübeck with it’s medieval buildings and narrow streets.
Lübeck is the capital city of the Hanseatic League.

Flag of Hanseatic City of Lübeck

Coat of arms of Hanseatic City of Lübeck

It is a beautiful morning as we walk into Lübeck a UNESCO world heritage site
for it’s brick Gothic architecture.

Our entry is via the Burgtor, the Northern city gate and it’s Gothic red brick architecture.

The town hall and market square.

There are probably few Northern  European cities that show their medieval past as well as Lübeck. One of the most powerful and richest cities in Europe for some centuries, the Free City of Lübeck a Venice of the Baltic.

A perfect example of Crow stepped gable’s.

The Iconic Holstentor, the true star of Lübeck still impressing the travellers today.
We had lunch at the Block House steak restaurant, if you ask for a window seat you have magnificent views over the Holstentor and fabulous steaks!

Once again as the band plays on, we beat our retreat! 

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