Friday, 21 November 2014

Hoopoe, bird with Red Indian chief's head dress

We are lucky to have this lovely bird visit our garden during the breeding season, not that we have ever discovered a nest, as we have been privileged to in Spain. The following set of photograph's were captured late July, in our garden.

Looking like a Red Indian chief, the crown up, after landing.

Straight to the main chance, the search for food.

A grub is soon found.

How do you get that down the beak?

There it goes, down in one!

Being buzzed by a wasp, gives us time to watch a full defensive presentation.

Like a Flamenco dancer, the tail flashes and wings rise, displaying the black and white danger signs,
to the predator.

The crown raised, followed by swishing of it's wings right and left.


Danger past, (the wasp has flown away) and the crown starts to recede.

A truly distinctive summer visitor, who winters in Africa. If you have them in your area keep your garden grass or weeds (as above) cut short. This will help them in their search of food.
This quirky bird is a delight to observe and we hope that you too have the chance to see one.

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