Sunday, 30 October 2011


We return to the delta in late April to find it drained. This is for us, a quick stop as we are en route home to France. Spring is in the air with abundant Swallows on the wing,
 this cheeky chappie was just posing for us.

Below are some of the pictures, taken on our day out.

This Barn Swallow was snapped at Bassa de la Platjola.

On the dry paddies, close to l’Encanyissada, a Squacco Heron stands as if transfixed.

At La Tancada lagoon we have some great views of Garganey on their migration back from Africa.

We also saw  Caspian Terns and many Purple Herons (no photos) but we did catch a
 skulking Little Bittern.

Caspian Tern at La Tancada

Little Bittern

So we bid a fond farewell to the Ebro Delta, we will return in the fall. We are now homeward  bound!

EL PINET (Disused Salinas, Santa Pola)

Together again, we decide to explore these salt pans, with islands made for Terns & other birds to nest.
The air is full of the cries of Terns, Gulls & wading birds, the sun is shining, a good day for Birding!
We saw Common, Little, Gull Billed, Sandwich & 1 Arctic Tern.
Common Tern

Gull Billed Tern

Sandwich Tern
The common Terns argue incessantly with the Avocets, among the wild grasses on the islands.

The Slender Billed Gulls glide majestically about not taking any notice of all the arguments abounding.  These are my very favourite gulls, with their pink chests & they are not bothered about anything.

Slender Bills showing off their pink tinges.
We were lucky enough to visit El Pinet at a period of low water, as the birds leave if
 water levels rise too high. Taking our leave we now head for the Ebro Delta.

Saturday, 29 October 2011


Arrived at Guardarma de Segura on the 5th April, a two purpose visit, for me to fly home to England visiting family from Alicante on El Cheapo airlines & for Mike to visit El Hondo nature reserve. For Mike a quick visit to the visitor centre to gain access to the northern sector. Goodbye from me as I am now off to Blighty! 
Saturday, early start, 8am to the northern gate, forgot the mosquito repellent... big mistake! In search of the Marbled Duck, no joy I'm Afraid, but I did photograph Reed Warblers, White Headed Duck, Collared Prantincoles, and observed Wood Sandpipers, first Common Cuckoo of the year, Osprey sitting on a perch at the dry Boniente Lagoon.

Reed Warbler

White Headed duck

Collard Prantincole
Leaving the northern sector I drove to the hides at the south end & here I photographed the Whiskered Terns hunting.

Whiskered Terns
Returning the next day at first light I was surprised by a Grass snake swimming purposefully toward the hide.

Caught in the breaking dawn light, a Greater Crested Grebe  & Black Necked Grebes floating in the tranquility.

Overhead Pallid & Common Swifts in their hundreds fed on the mosquitoes that were feeding on me!!

Abundant in the reeds surrounding me were many Dragonflies.

Some enjoying a little Hanky Panky!

In summing up just make sure you take a mosquito repellent and a parasol, just like this fellow!

Whilst visiting the reserve here, I was lucky enough to meet, Graham Critchell, whose 2010 edition of the guide to the area, is a must should you decide to visit.