Saturday, 29 October 2011


Arrived at Guardarma de Segura on the 5th April, a two purpose visit, for me to fly home to England visiting family from Alicante on El Cheapo airlines & for Mike to visit El Hondo nature reserve. For Mike a quick visit to the visitor centre to gain access to the northern sector. Goodbye from me as I am now off to Blighty! 
Saturday, early start, 8am to the northern gate, forgot the mosquito repellent... big mistake! In search of the Marbled Duck, no joy I'm Afraid, but I did photograph Reed Warblers, White Headed Duck, Collared Prantincoles, and observed Wood Sandpipers, first Common Cuckoo of the year, Osprey sitting on a perch at the dry Boniente Lagoon.

Reed Warbler

White Headed duck

Collard Prantincole
Leaving the northern sector I drove to the hides at the south end & here I photographed the Whiskered Terns hunting.

Whiskered Terns
Returning the next day at first light I was surprised by a Grass snake swimming purposefully toward the hide.

Caught in the breaking dawn light, a Greater Crested Grebe  & Black Necked Grebes floating in the tranquility.

Overhead Pallid & Common Swifts in their hundreds fed on the mosquitoes that were feeding on me!!

Abundant in the reeds surrounding me were many Dragonflies.

Some enjoying a little Hanky Panky!

In summing up just make sure you take a mosquito repellent and a parasol, just like this fellow!

Whilst visiting the reserve here, I was lucky enough to meet, Graham Critchell, whose 2010 edition of the guide to the area, is a must should you decide to visit.

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