Monday, 3 July 2017

Watching Wolves in Spain

The sky had started to turn into a wonderful vermillion glow, it was getting late and time for us to leave our road and rest for the night.
We were in the North of Castilla y León and very close to our destination, this is where we would start our search for the Iberian Wolf.

Rested and ready, the new day unfolding in front of us, our lesser travelled road takes us through stunning countryside, we pass underneath huge concrete pillars holding Spains impressive motorway system high above us (business as usual) but down here it is like a forgotten World, unchanged with time, people still take the time to see who is passing as they toil in their plots, perhaps they worry about the coming change! Like us passing through!

A stone and slate bridge crosses a meandering river, the water level low for the time of year, there has been no rain for some time. Interestingly it's March and we should have expected colder weather not the 23degrees plus, maybe everything is changing, it certainly causes conversations with the local people.

High on our vantage point, we can see for miles! With our telescope, we scan the countryside, a little further along the track others are doing the same.

Beautiful Dartford Warblers perch in the surrounding trees with their brazen song, they are so untroubled in this environment, other than a few of us hoping to see an Iberian Wolf there is nothing but peace.

In a small group of trees, Nuthatches seek insects, already feeding their first broods.
Spring has come early this year.

To understand more about the Iberian Wolf, we make a visit to the excellent interpretation center at Robledo, south of Puebla De Sanabria in Zamora province.

Behind the heather a Watching Wolf.

What a beautiful creature

Iberian Wolf,  (Canis lupus signatus)  stands proudly on the hillside.

Once again it is time for us to move on, the road from here is the beginning of our journey home, what will tomorrow's travel bring?