Sunday, 30 October 2011

EL PINET (Disused Salinas, Santa Pola)

Together again, we decide to explore these salt pans, with islands made for Terns & other birds to nest.
The air is full of the cries of Terns, Gulls & wading birds, the sun is shining, a good day for Birding!
We saw Common, Little, Gull Billed, Sandwich & 1 Arctic Tern.
Common Tern

Gull Billed Tern

Sandwich Tern
The common Terns argue incessantly with the Avocets, among the wild grasses on the islands.

The Slender Billed Gulls glide majestically about not taking any notice of all the arguments abounding.  These are my very favourite gulls, with their pink chests & they are not bothered about anything.

Slender Bills showing off their pink tinges.
We were lucky enough to visit El Pinet at a period of low water, as the birds leave if
 water levels rise too high. Taking our leave we now head for the Ebro Delta.

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