Tuesday, 10 January 2012

BENICASSIM Province of Valencia (November 2011)

We arrive at Benicassim for some R&R, some sun, hopefully! It is situated near Castellon, south of Peniscola, north of Valencia. For a few days, we enjoy the beach and cycling, as the cycle routes are very good, flat, which I for one, enjoy. There is the lovely promenade here, with the most interesting villas, which where built in the 1880's, where the then jet set, writers and artists enjoyed a rather racy lifestyle. Later the likes of Ernest Hemmingway visited, had affairs, until all changed with the Spanish civil war, when the buildings were requisitioned for worthy causes, and the jet setters were thrown out!
Below are some examples of these wonderfull villas still there for us to see.

 The cycle paths extend to as far as Castellon and beyond, but I for one was very happy to stop there, where we enjoyed a cool beer, watching the colourful kite boarders, leaping the waves and so many happy Spanish families enjoying the day.
Rising inland are a range of hills, which we climbed, not seeing many birds, as they all seemed to be very camera shy, except for this lovely female Blackcap, who was most obliging.

 Up and up we climbed, we could no longer hear the traffic or the railway, it was a different world, up there, the vistas were amazing, great red rocks, wilderness, but below us, civilisation, the port at Castellon, with the many boats and tankers, but all so small, people all rushing about, living their lives, and there we were watching it all, as though watching an ant hill. I know where I would rather be!!

Vista towards Castellon.

 Wild places and red rocks.
Yes I am still smiling, in spite of the climb, to be here, in this place and seeing all that I see!

Below looking toward Castellon, the tankers all either waiting to dock or to take on new cargo. A different world to the one we are walking in.

 Here we are, it seems at the top of the world, looking down on all things, in one direction, wilderness and wild places and the other, all things man made and so busy. Here peace, quietness, birdsong, great open spaces that somehow free the mind, to think of another time, another place!

 On our walk downwards we entered the lower slopes, where there were so many beautiful orange groves, dripping their ripe fruit and very delicious it was too! ( Sorry we did scrump a little)  We saw this lovely little Southern Speckled Wood resting on the warm stones, enjoying the sun, as we did!

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