Thursday, 1 March 2012


At last we leave home, after being snowed in for 15 days, champing at the bit to leave!
We head for the renowned Parc Ornithologique du Teich, south of Bordeaux, in the Arcachon
bassin, arriving there late afternoon, after a scenic route cross country from Ste-Foy-le Grande
We settle down for the night, looking forward to visiting the park in the morning.
After a very cold night, we awoke to white frost over everything, including us! but the morning is sunny and crisp and we set off to visit all 20 hides and enjoy the day. On our way to the first hide, we are lucky enough to see an Osprey, but too far to photograph. Then Mike catches on camera this
 ethereal Little Egret.

Whilst in the hide this male Shelduck glides by with his mate.

There are many Lapwing here, the rainbow colours caught in the sun.

We watched a beautiful Snipe, along the waters edge.

The Snipe towers over a little Dunlin.
We walked all; 20 hides, this is Le Teich at its best, returning to the camper for aperitifs!!

Again it was very cold during the night, again, thick white frost, greets us.
We decide that another visit to the park is in order, this time going anti clockwise and are rewarded with the sight of a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, displaying, with wings spread and calling to attract a mate, but too far to photograph. However Mike did photograph this magnificent 
Great White Egret, looking for breakfast!

A coffee stop brings this enchanting little chap into view.

Red Squirrel.

A real close up of Gary Rhodes? No a Greater Crested Grebe!

 Pintail Ducks, male and female asleep.

Male Teal, the harlequin of the water.

A little Water Pipit.

This male Black-tailed Godwit is in his full mating colours, glowing orange in the sun.
There have been over 3,000 here in the last week, passing through.

There are about 4,600 Dunlin here and in the late afternoon, they all fly in great flocks swirling this way and that, like a silver cloud.

A beautiful Mute Swan flies low over the water.

The end of the day and a Swan gives a round of applause, as do we for a great visit to Le Teich.

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