Sunday, 15 December 2013

Winter mist rising over the Dronne river.

Waking Sunday morning, wow! the view out from the house across the Dronne river and into the Dordogne  looked amazing. Breakfast on our terrace with the view below. If only all winter day's could be this good! but then we really would be spoilt.

As the sun starts to warm the air, the mist seems to retreat back towards the river.

Time to walk the hedge rows, as the frost fades and the birds forage.

Into the view to see who's about.

Dunnock hunting for food in the mist.

Alway's a joy Great Tits with other tits in winter foraging parties.

Blue Tits

Following behind a lovely male Siskin

The Dunnock returns in the warm sun.

After a beautiful day and not expecting to use the camera again!

What a sunset.

A stunning day!

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