Wednesday, 2 April 2014


 Almeria is a vibrant modern city, with an interesting historic area, that houses the magnificent Alcazaba, which is probably the best preserved example of a Moorish military fortification in Spain.
It stands proudly on the summit of a mountain, overlooking the city and we went to explore it.
We started our ascent in the historic area, through narrow streets leading upwards, then branching out to wide steps leading up to the fort.

Along the route are many beautiful shrubs and trees, like the Bottlebush, pictured below.

From the dark entrance you suddenly emerge onto this large open expanse of paved stone, surrounded by the huge walls. In the 11th century, Almeria was the richest and most commercially active independent kingdom in Spain and this fort housed huge gardens, palaces and some 20,000 inhabitants.

It's grandeur was said to rival that of Granada.

The views from the citadel are truly breathtaking

And you can see the enormity of the construction, as the walls stretch away onto the next hillside.

Below, as you look down towards the city, a patchwork of rooftops, of all shapes, sizes and colours
stretch away towards the port. How many different lives are lived down there and
what stories would they tell?

As we made our way back to the city, in search of Tapas, we heard music and chanting.
Up the hill, swaying and all marching in step came these men, sweating under the heavy load of their village's Patron Saint, that they were carrying to the Cathedral.

They stopped awhile to draw breath and to drink water. Before they continued, I asked what it was
all about and they told me it was the Semanas de Santos, when many villages get their strongest men to process the image of their Saint to the Cathedral for a blessing in the weeks leading up to Easter.

Off they go again, with all their followers giving support.

In one of the lovely historic squares, we came across an artisan market, with music and many colourful stalls.

I did a spot of retail therapy and some hard bargaining too!

The city of Almeria is indeed vibrant and full of interesting characters, these lovely boys were selling their beautiful hats and very fetching they looked too.

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