Friday, 6 March 2015

Altura beach and the Clam fishermen, Eastern Algarve.

A walk along the wide sandy beach of Altura on the Eastern Algarve is always rewarding, especially following a storm, today there has been no storm but there is a interesting sky and light.
Sometimes the fishing boats trawl close to the shore but today the interest is clam fishermen, and the ever present Gulls.

Fishermans transport.

Here we can see three fishermen, they  drag a tray with attached net and wooden handle.

The tray and net to hold the clams.

When the net is full they bring the catch ashore for sorting, seabirds wait close by for what maybe thrown aside.

As the sun starts to drop, another fisherman entering the sea.

Pulling on the wooden handle to drag the tray and agitate the sand.

The view towards Cacela Velha and Manta Rota.

Interesting clouds passing out to sea.

The Gulls are heading west as we turn for home.

The early evening light is just right for photographing the Gulls as they fly west.

Lesser Black back Gull.

An interesting  afternoon and early evening on the beach!

Time for a cold beer and watch the sunset!

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