Thursday, 6 August 2015

Thunder storms roar across South West France.

As evening draws down on Monday, it looked like there maybe a welcome relief from the heat humidity and burning sun. It is now official that this is the longest period of drought across our region since records began, somewhere back around 1880! The sky was turning a dark grey and lighting could be seen to the West.
The regions gardens are desperate for some rain, it takes little time before we can feel the first cooling breeze as the storm gathers. It is dark and getting late before it reaches us, unfortunately the rain is sporadic and localized, some are lucky with the rain but we can all watch the magnificent lighting display, coming from all directions. It certainly beats the weekends firework displays in its magnitude.
Here some of the nights action, captured around midnight.  

Down to the left in the photograph you can see the church at Petit Bersac, in the Dordogne.

Sheet lighting illuminates the stormy sky.

Like a giant space ship it starts to engulf us.

 Lightning cracks across the sky like burning wires.

Flashing towards the earth.

Making crazy starfish patterns in the sky.

This last photograph resembles midday not half past midnight, the power of the light, awesome!

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