Wednesday, 9 November 2011

LAC d'ORIENT near TROYES ( October 19th 2011)

We left the Cranes and moved on to just east of Troyes, where lie enormous areas of lakes and forests, known as the Parc Naturel Regional de la Foret d'Orient. A beautiful place, the day is sunny but much colder, as we set off through the trees to the lake. Autumn is really in the air, trees covered in golden leaves.
There were many ducks, seagulls, herons, some swans and geese on the lake, but they were very flighty, so we had to approach with great caution (great white hunters, but a bit muddy!)

Greylag Geese.


Male Shovelers.

The sky began to look very threatening, so we retreated, very glad that we had got any phtographs at all.
The storm then hit, thunder, lightning, freezing hail and blowing a gale. In the morning it was a different world, winter was now here, very cold and grey, so we decided to do as the Cranes do, go south!

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