Friday, 17 February 2012

BIRD TABLE MANIA. (Still snowed in!)

       The coming of the snow has brought a huge number of birds here to our feeder, they are all so                 desperate and we are going through 2 litres of sunflower seeds a day, plus other food.

                              Robin says to a Goldfinch "There's enough for all comers"

The Greenfinches making a takeover bid!

A Bluetit tries to get a look in!

Please can I have some?

A Goldfinch dropping in to join  Brambling, Greenfinches and other Goldfinches.

A Brambling gets seen off by a Greenfinch.

Dancing Goldfinches, no, more like a boxing match!

A beautiful Goldfinch awaits its turn on the feeder.

A Greenfinch resting between courses.

Below the feeder, Brambling and Goldfinch clear up.

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