Friday, 17 February 2012

WALKING IN THE SNOW. (Perigord Vert)

Tuesday morning, the theme is still white! as the snow and extreme cold continues (minus 20*) but today the sun has appeared and everything looks like a winter wonderland. We decide to walk down to a lake nearby. The sky is blue and the light is crystal, all around the snow sparkles, as great blue shadows snake across the ground.

Looking out on our garden.
Many Redwings, Lapwings, Bramblings and Thrushes have arrived all searching hard for food and near the lake, one lone and very fed up Cattle Egret (they over winter here now) we hope it survives these extreme conditions.

Dunnock. (Hedge Sparrow)

Treecreeper foraging in the Ivy.

 Just had to put in this little Robin in the snow.


Jenny Wren.

Chaffinch enjoying a little sun.

Thrushes on the snows edge and below perfectly posed.

 Another sort of bird in the snow.

Grass and wild flower heads decorate the scene.

Blue shadows on a plowed field are like a beautiful abstract painting.

Sunset and footprints in the snow.

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