Friday, 19 October 2012

Northern Portugal and heading south

Late in the day we slip out of Galicia in Spain and into Portugal. Some years ago going in the opposite direction we had used the ferry boat across the rio Minho from Caminha to LaGuardia in Spain. This time it is the road straight to Ponte de Lima a charming little town built along the Rio Lima.

The riverside Alameda (promenade) at Ponte de Lima and
the Torre de Cadeia which for a time served as the towns

Early the next morning we have a lovely view of the old roman
bridge of which the town is named after.

We had heard that the bridge formed part of the military route 
from Braga to Astorga in Spain but had not expected to see a 
Roman legion about to cross!

Large bronze status adorn the town and you know kids!

We buy lovely cakes (bolos) serious business here and say
West of Ponte de Lima are the protected wetlands, Lagoas de Bertiandos e Sao Pedro de Arcos.
We stop for coffee and leave twenty four hours latter. There is a good campsite and they sell home made cider!

In truth we did not see a lot but a beautiful day for a cycle ride and walking.
Male Serin singing for a mate. 

Whilst we enthuse over our cakes this female Blackcap does the same to little Berry's.

As we walk the peaceful river walks Linda spots Lamprey swimming and then this little weasel spying on us, a good day out and about!

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