Saturday, 20 October 2012

Spring Watch on the Algarve Portugal 2012 part 1

Part 1

On the journey south to the Algarve we made a few selected stops in the hope of some nice bird 
photos.That was the hope but the weather had other ideas! the countryside and views were a pleasure.
Our first stop was at Vila Vela de Rodao to try and see a Ruppells vulture,on arrival we had trouble seeing a sparrow let alone a exotic species.

Castelo de Belver. During the time of the Moors the rio Tejo here and abouts marked 
the Portuguese border, with the Moors reclaiming most territories to the south.

Lovely historical countryside, shame about the rain.

Our destination for the day the "Portas do Radao"(Gates of Rodao)This picture taken the next morning shows the little train passing through the striking rock faces on the way down river to Abrantes.

Further up river no vultures but we chance on a lot of feeding crag martins.

Just south of Nisa we make a stop at the beautiful barragem da Povoa a haven for 
Sylvian warblers.

This little Sardinian warbler watching their nest site.

From rain to overnight heatwave as we arrive in Castro Verde the temperature has sored so much so it is now not possible for long distant photography using a large lens, as you can see it magnifies the heat haze. Unfortunately that puts an end to any more Great Bustard shots as it is nearly impossible to get near them

Walking back across the fields we pass a old farm and feel that we are being watched, then spot this Little Owl, only the head turning as we pass by.

Crested lark enjoying the sun

Cattle egret wandering through the endless wild flowers.

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