Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Bern Switzerland

We drove around Friburg twice on our way to Bern, the trouble was we could find no parking, so there it is, onwards to the Swiss capital, Bern. We will have to do Friburg another day from Bern, by train.

With the expected efficiency of the Swiss public transport system, this time a bus that discharges us at the main railway station. It is a short walk to the Old Town which is UNESCO-protected. The feeling of a distant past surrounds you. There are few European City's with architecture essentially unchanged since medieval times.

The Zytglogge is a must sight for us with it's history, prison for prostitutes who made their living serving the clergy, later burnt to the ground in the fire of 1405. It had until this time been constructed of wood, then was rebuilt using stone.

As we continue our stroll down Kramgasse, we come to the ornamented fountain with an armoured bear. The bear is holding a standard of the City's founder, Berchtold von Zahringen and dates from 1535!

Relatively speaking, it is a short walk to the Einstein-Haus. The famous scientists house and work place. He developed his Theory of Relativity in Bern, in the year 1905.

The Arcades, seen here and on every street and both sides, are said to be the longest covered shopping promenade in the world. When you enter the arcades you are faced with a different world, in here are all todays stores and consumerism, for me the street, for Linda the arcade!

Bern's statue of Samson.

The axe wielding carpenter of Bern.

Street scene with ever more arcades and shops, there are more shops below ground, entered by stairs built into the old service hatches, (visible behind the lady in grey).

We took our leave from the interesting city of Bern and took the road the road to Interlaken
and onwards to Meiringen, where we have an appointment with a certain famous detective at
the Reichenbach Falls.

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