Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Bernese Oberland, High mountains, the Brienzersee and Sherlock Holmes!

The road from Bern leads us out into the Alpine heart of Switzerland. Passing Lake Thun we start to admire the classic Swiss scenery, those high peaks. A short visit to Interlake and we continue to Meiringen, where we shall spend a few days surrounded by the mountains. 

The misty blue Lake Thun and high mountains.

The old town of Meiringen, Sherlock Holmes, the museum of Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle and the Rieichenbach falls, its all here.
The falls are above the town and the best route up is the wonderful old funicular.

The Reichenbach Falls are best visited in Spring with the snowmelt, from higher glaciers.

Was he really a Blonde?  Elementary my dear Watson!

We walk higher through the forest to the village of Zwirgi at the beginning of the dramatic Reichenbach valley.

The gentle funicular above Meiringen.

Riding our bikes along a beautiful cycle track to the Brienzersee, there are farm houses selling local cheeses, which are delicious, so we stop and buy, but are always in awe of the surrounding mountains.

 Sitting in peace and quietly sipping our coffee, a mute swan crashes on to the water, rather waking us from our reverie.

On the return cycle ride through the meadows, once again we are caught in natures moment, a Peregrine falcon snatches a Wood Pigeon away to our right.

We stop and watch as it devours the prey, not wishing to disturb it's supper, we move along quietly.

It's Saturday and across the mountains at Alpnach, the Swiss Airforce are having a small celebration  for 50 years of their military airfield here.
 The weather could not be worse but we go and join them.

Despite the drizzle and mist we have a thoroughly good time.

They really do no how to fly around the mountains and forests.

Thats what we need high speed police response, Swiss style!

A Cougar deploys its chaff, like a firework display.

A great day out, tomorrow the Brienz Rothorn Railway.

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