Friday, 18 November 2016

Un regard d’hiver.

A glance at Winter.

A collection of photographs captured throughout January and early February.

Sunrise over the Dronne river valley.

The mist concentrated as the sun warms the air.

The sun had set on another beautiful day.

Pink vapor trails as the aircraft flew south into Spain.

The rain had arrived by mid-January.

It took very little time, with such heavy downpours, for the water to engulf the fields.

Our local rivers, both the Dronne and Brousse, were unable to cope with the deluges and burst their banks.

The Moon over La Brousse.

Skeletal reflections.

Amazing abstract skies.

Winter had almost ended, Common Cranes (Grus Grus) headed North, back to their breeding grounds.
Our flooded fields the perfect night stop, on that long journey. Today it is four! wait until the next post!

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