Friday, 18 November 2016

Common Cranes (Grus Grus) resting near Petit-Bersac, Dordogne, France.

The end of February sees thousands of Common Cranes flying North over our area of France.
 The Skeins filling the skies, and their wonderful verbal calls (the call of lost souls). Unlike their Autumn, Southern migration, if the conditions are right, they may rest here in the fields for a day or two.
This year, as you can see from the last post, the conditions were excellent for the stopovers.

They came in their thousands.

Passing over local landmarks, as they prepared to land.

Behind them, in the trees can be seen the local heronry, Grey Herons had already started to take up residence.

In the rising sun, a juvenile sought a lost family.

They flew between the fields in search of food.

Then the moment was right, for their onward journey. Cranes rising up through the trees.

Their passage migration continued North.

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