Friday, 2 December 2016

Purple Herons nesting at the Laguna de Pitallas.

Late March, perfect Spring weather, another visit to the Laguna de Pitallas, this time our hope of seeing Eurasian Bitterns. A few years before, Pitallas had produced two flying Bitterns on a stop by, at this time of the year.
Alas, for us there would be no sightings, but we were treated to the spectacle of Purple Herons, nest building in the extensive reed beds.
Here are a few photographs of that day.

Corn Buntings, were singing in the warm sun.

Migrating Marsh Harriers searching for a meal.

The graceful Purple Herons.

Their striking colour gave camouflage as they landed back at the nesting sites, crashing into the reeds!

Going down.

 Already starting to disappear into the reed cover.

Further out, on the reeds a fourth pair are busy constructing their nest.

Black Necked Grebes in silhouette.

Yellow Wagtails, search for food as they pass North on their migration.
I think this Male bird is a variant from Central Europe a Flava but it could be a Bemma from the Northern Kirghiz steppe. It is quite difficult, to determine.

This one, I believe is a Lutea from the Southwest of Siberia.

They are, however, all Yellow Wagtails.

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