Saturday, 17 December 2016

Iberian Wolf, our first ever sighting.

By the following lunch time, we hand made it to the Castillo de Los Rojas.

The road had become, very narrow, and steep, we had to evaluate our onward journey. 
We decided, over lunch that having come up this far, we would continue.

After lunch, we had good views of the Sierra de la Testa, we were in the Province of Burgos. This province hosts a healthy population of Wolves, the information we had been given, estimated
twenty-eight packs, numbering between 140 and 196 Wolves.

As we stopped to take this photograph, we had a sighting, of an animal, with considerable size! crossing the road, some distance ahead of us.

At first, we had thought it a Fox, then we realized its size, this was a large animal. It was our first ever sighting of an Iberian Wolf. By the way, it marked the territory, it must have been a Male, they are more commonly seen, females it appears are much scarcer. We just stood, in a state of disbelief, as it looked back, and then disappeared over the hillside.

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