Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Night Herons (Black-crowned) Nycticorax nycticorax, along the Sotos of the Río Ebro in Spain.

Purple Herons behind us, from beautiful sunshine to pouring rain, everything had changed as we headed out to find Sotos along the río Ebro.
Sotos, are areas of the river where Popular, Willow, and shrubs all grow along the river banks. These woodlands are quite rare, amongst all the agriculture that borders the local rivers. These oasis, are great for birds, and especially the bird we were looking for, the Black Crowned Night Heron.   

We had found a small group of Night Herons by the early afternoon. Their behavior, actively hunting food during the day, probably pointed, that they were just migrating through this area! Although, they can sometimes be seen feeding during the daytime.

Once hidden away, we achieved good views of their movements. 

All five birds were showing their breeding plumage.

As well as the Night Herons, we observed, Grey herons, and Great white Egrets.

Male Serins, were also evident, singing from the trees, in hope of attracting a female mate!

We had to continue our journey, leaving these beautiful Night Herons.

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