Friday, 16 December 2016

Vincente de Sonsierra, tomorrow we start are search for the Iberian Wolf!

We continued, across La Rioja headed for Vincente de Sonsierra, and our night stop.
From there we would head on towards the Puerto del Paramo de Masa.
We are going to look for Iberian Wolves!

The Sierra Del La Demanda, looking very wintery.
A few years back, we had spent time up there looking for Crossbills.

As we passed through Briones, the air was full of wood smoke, reminding us how cold it had become.

The Castillo-Fortaleza de Vincente de Sonsierra.

The houses built around the Castello, their roofs gave a good impression, of how to stay warm and dry, in such miserable weather.

It rained, and it rained!

Yes, the sun was trying to break through the low cloud, and we were, back on the road.
Did we see, an elusive Iberian Wolf?
See the next post!

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