Monday, 12 October 2015

Barnacle Geese, their migration on Öland.

From our night stop at Grüsgard harbour, we are close to the roosting site of thousands of Barnacle Geese.

As the evening light fades, they start to arrive.

All day we have seen huge flocks of these Geese, the wind has been vicious and many just wanted to rest along the coast.

They come into view first in their tens then hundreds then thousands,
their calls filling the air.

Early morning the church across the stonewalled fields of Gräsgård, clear in the early sunshine. The sight and sound of so many Barnacle Geese rising was just amazing.

Only when they had passed did we take a walk across the fields, too find only a few are left resting.

For millennia the birds have passed over or settled for a few weeks to brood their young on the island of Öland, let us hope this continues, out there on this Baltic haven.

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