Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Kalmar the gateway to the beautiful Island of Öland

Making our way south we stop at the delightful town of Kalmar Here we find, standing alone on its own island the beautiful Kalmar Slott (Kalmar Castle). Built in the 14th century it became the best defended castle in Sweden. The town of Kalmer had to be rebuilt following a devastating fire in the17th century, moved to new ground and no longer in the shadow of the Castle. 

We spent time walking the Castle and grounds, enjoying the best weather of the trip thus far.

Cannons in all directions.

A smile for the camera from my wonderful wife, (she has the cannon!) as we walk the ramparts.

Walking through the town we are reminded of the weather that we have passed through, this huge electric locomotive has a snow plough attached,  we understand why!

Before travelling across to the Island of Öland we take time to watch thousands of Eider ducks passing through the Kalmar Sund.(Kalmar Strait) The afternoon bring a bitterly cold wind but it is  no deterrent for the birds.

Wave after wave of these beautiful ducks migrate through the strait, flanked by the larger, Black Throated Divers returning to Artic breeding grounds.

We can hardly believe it, when we spot Little Ringed Plovers in the lens, far out at sea. These little birds flying from Winter feeding grounds as far away as southern Spain!

Late in the day we cross the Ölansbron (Öland Bridge) a 6km-long road bridge linking the mainland with the Island of Öland (the land of windmills).
More than four hundred mostly constructed of wood and some of stone.

We spend the night near the port in Bornholm, Öland’s capital town. On the open sea, male Eider ducks pump up their breasts in a mating display trying to win favour of alone female.

As the sun starts to set a male Golden-eye duck dives, then rests, in his search of food, before continuing north.


The mainland just visible across the strait.

The sun drops behind a ridge of cloud as the fishing boats leave harbour and into the Kalmar sund.

The sun re-appears just above Swedens mainland.

What a beautiful end to a great day!

Higher than the migrating birds, this jumbo jet flying from Copenhagen heads north across the artic on its journey. Tomorrow we continue north on Öland.

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