Monday, 12 October 2015

Öland the charming Swedish Island

It was another glorious morning out on the Island of Öland. The road takes us north through avenues of Birch trees. The route kept us close to the shore line. Öland has the best bathing beaches in Sweden but for us it is far to cold so we are heading for Långe Erik in search of nature at its finest.

A stop on our journey for coffee brought us to Neptune Ãkar.
 Across the Kalmar strait we could just make out the island of Blä Jungfrun, also known as the blue maiden. This island is a haven for the birds that migrate North through the Baltic sea.

This may well be one of the many Ringed Plovers we had observed heading North a few days earlier, a wealth of them here resting on the rocks.

Långe Erik, early April the peace and solitude so powerful, the light vibrant, this is the Northeastern corner of Öland. The lighthouse affectionally known as "Tall Erik” beyond the former keeper’s cottage.

Across the water the peninsular of Trollskogen the Enchanted Forest and between us one of the most mystical areas of water we have visited.

A walk around the shore edge, across the water, the Baltic Sea, deep and blue, the far sound of the waves just audible. The Canada Geese glide in silence, even the Gulls seemed silent. 

Greylag and Canada Geese drift through the still waters.

The last house on the Långe Erik peninsular, what a enviable position.

Our peaceful idle is broken as a skirmish breaks out between two Male Greylag Geese.

Inside the Enchanted forest the trees stand twisted and wind blown, the weather never far from one’s mind in Sweden.

That said, this Oak tree has stood for 900Years.

In an area of mixed trees, we found our first Brimstone butterfly of the year.

A large Tortoiseshell butterfly always a joy to find.

A sad wreck! it was the “Swiks” a former three masted schooner, washed up on the Trollskogen coast in December 1926. The crew of seven all escaped safely.

The huge nails are rusted and the timbers are rotting on the lonely skeleton of the once proud schooner, but she is still there after so many years! 

The Baltic sea and my little Mermaid.

Just bobbing around out there on the Baltic Sea, Long-Tailed ducks, how absolutely fantastic, these very pretty little ducks, for us a major sighting. 

Along the shoreline Goosanders hunt for food in the breaking waves.
This the Male bird.

The Female follows the Male into the surf.

The Enchanted forest and silver sand beach seem to attract Huge numbers of Mute Swan.

So many birds are now in the process of returning to Scandinavia after the long Winter.
They have been searching for food further South in Europe during the Northern harsh Winter.

It turns out that this is a fall of Goldcrests, they fill the trees in search of food, some hunt in the long grasses below the trees.

They feed frantically for an hour or more, then they move on.

Most of them seem to be Female birds but here we can see a Male, the little crest showing orange feathers along the crest. Females only have a yellow crest.

The peaceful life of Öland, shoreline, boats and a fisherman’s hut painted in the typical colours of Sweden.

Hundreds of Shelduck make their landings on Öland’s shore.

At Böda Hamn we settle down for the night.

As the sun disappears over the horizon, a White Tailed Eagle arrives in search of supper.

A burning sunset.

Farewell to the windmills of Öland.

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