Monday, 9 February 2015

A night in Alps-de-Haute Provence

The alarm clock has us up and on the road early. By breakfast time we have passed between Turin and Milan. Far out to our right we have had amazing views of the snow capped Alps, especially the Matterhorn. At lunch time we are perched above Monaco and thinking of a night stop. From Nice we turn inland for Entrevaux, in the Alpes-de-Haute Provence.

Some 60 kilometres from Nice, this town is really beautiful, on the banks of le Var river.
A drawbridge gives access to the town with its Gothic Notre-Dame -de-l'Assupmtion church 15th century.

Perched high above the 17th century Citadel, the route upwards has 20 fortified gateways.

We continue for another 15 kilometres, where we stop for the day at Annot.

Time for a late afternoon stroll, around the town.

 Some parts of the town seem to be constructed from the huge boulders that are strewn accross the hillsides.

There seems no problem with water for the fountain, as these same rushing waters that cascade along the narrow streets, also feed the many mills to be found in this labyrinthine town.
Tomorrow we take the road for Spain.

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