Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Furka pass, Grimsal pass, Snow, cloud and Glaciers, Wow!

Leaving Meiringen, the Grimsel pass now beckons. Climbing higher and feeling the temperature dropping, frost hangs on the road side grasses.

We stop to admire the colours laced in the mountain side. A short walk from the camping car is enough to convince us, inside today is desirable.

Thought's of the stunning sunset,  Totonsee ("Dead Lake") icy all summer, was not to be, as we passed the low cloud and precipitation worsened. Not a drop of water to be seen in the gloom.

A lucky moment for sure! as we approach the Furka pass the cloud lifts enough for us to see our onward and upward journey. The Rhone glacier is in view to the high left off the photograph.

Having travelled along the river Rhone, across it and watched it flow into the Mediterranean so mighty we are struck in awe at this, its source.

The Rhone glacier, local souvenir holders carve a tunnel through it each year. The weather does not allow us the experience. Interestingly the tunnel melts about one third of it's length during the summer and moves near a hundred feet.

We have taken a hour and some to get down the zig zag road and up the other side.

The cloud pours over the mountains like drifting smoke.

Climbing again we see more glaciers.

This time in the wet cloud we have to walk higher to admire the sight.

Only glimpses as the cloud swirls around the glacier and us.

A proud moment for the camping car, 8000ft, fog, sleet, single track road at times and NO crash barrier. The sign post, looks more like a totem pole with  the graffiti and stickers of earlier travellers.  

Having been in fog for hours, we reach this lighthouse (quite bizarre!) and we cross the Oberalp pass then on to Chur for our night stop.

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