Saturday, 7 February 2015

A day out in Verona, the Arena and more.

The setting of Romeo and Juliet, the easy going city, traffic jams aside and albeit Sunday and the thousands  that were heading towards Lake Garda, luckily in the opposite direction to us. We arrived in Verona and parked on the camping car Sosta a short walk from the city centre.
With its wealth of Roman sights, it is said to be "second only to Venice itself."

We pass through Verona's south gate the towering Porta Nuova, on to the long Corso Porta Nuova, and the Piazza Bra, lined with restaurants and waiters plying for trade.

This is where you see Verona's most imposing sight, the powerful Arena.

Built in the first century AD, it has survived earthquakes and entertained crowds of 20,000, packed in to watch the Gladiatorial tournaments.

Talking of which! There is no contest here for payment, the Carabinieri suddenly appear and our Legionnaires are off, faster than the swish of their swords. Bless them, I was prepared to pay handsomely for  the prisoner to be removed quietly!

Romeo and Juliet may have been fictional but this couple seem to be taking it seriously, well she does, he looks a little evasive.

That said he seems to have the idea, or he's a fast learner!

We head for the Ponte Scalier, built in 1355 and taking some twenty years to complete,
only to be blown up by the retreating Nazi army in 1945. It has since been rebuild from all the salvaged materials.
Today it is bursting between it's high defensive walls with stall holders and  legions of shoppers.

From ceramic to farm produce, you can find it here.

Lovely coloured alcoholic beverages and Lunch!

We sat shoulder to shoulder with the locals enjoying various Focaccia washed down with a cold  Pironi beer.

Our lunch time view over the river Adige and Verona.
We link arms and walk back through the city excited at our day and now looking forward to lake Como.

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