Saturday, 21 February 2015

Storm watching on the Southwest coast of Portugal

We have visited friends in Lagos on Portugal's Algarve coast, the time spent with our friends was great, but now it is time to get back to nature. We have not visited the west coast of Portugal for some years. A quick stop at Cabo de Sao Vicente, the Romans called it Promontorium Sarum and believed the sun sank into the sea beyond here each night. Imagine the water temperature! Not exactly what Linda said on testing her toe's!
At the light house we feel the full power of those strong Atlantic winds,
 many tourists braving the gale.
For us it is North, into the area that has been designated a natural park.
"Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina"
The first stop is "Portal" with cliffs of limestone and marl. The coast here is markedly jagged.

Our lunch time view, in fact so good a vista, we shall stay the night and walk the beach.

It is windy and the sea quite heavy but the young gull's are enjoying it.

On the sand dunes the grasses are blowing in the wind.

It takes little time for the whole sky to have changed, since our entry to the bay.

As we eat our lunch, it certainly looks like rain!

We walk out on to the beach as the sky starts to darken.

The light is fantastic, extraordinary, one minute here and then gone.

The ocean seems to become panic stricken with the darkness.

The dunes catching the last of the light, the hills beyond cast into blackness. Standing there it was clear to see how the dunes are formed, the wind has become quite savage.

Now we have a squall.

We are getting wet and I have to protect the camera, the aggression is hard to believe,
it's all happening so fast.

Then as quickly as the squall started, the sun starts to penetrate the cloud.

From a far corner of the bay it all looks quite calm!

As the  early evening approaches, yet another mix of colour. The sea also changes, it becomes oily and limp.

What a day!

All looks peaceful, those Romans would  have been happy tonight, as the sun sinks into the sea.

Night drawing down on the beautiful and wild West coast of Portugal
and a good night from us.

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